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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 1712 Fillable – Army Pubs 1712 PDF – In the realm of military operations and planning, the effective management of natural resources, such as water, plays a crucial role. DA FORM 1712, commonly known as the Water Reconnaissance Report, is an essential tool designed to aid in the documentation and analysis of water sources within operational areas. This article provides a detailed overview of the form, its applications, and relevance, particularly for individuals involved in military logistics and resource management.

DA FORM 1712 – Water Reconnaissance Report

Form Number DA Form 1712
Form Title Water Reconnaissance Report
Form Date 09/1/2015
Form Proponent TRADOC

What is DA FORM 1712?

Overview and Purpose

DA FORM 1712 is a standardized document used by the U.S. Army for conducting water reconnaissance. This form helps in identifying, assessing, and reporting the availability and quality of water sources. It was last updated on September 1, 2015, and remains an active document under the regulation of TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command).

Importance of Water Reconnaissance

Water reconnaissance is vital for ensuring that military personnel have adequate water supplies during missions. The insights provided by DA FORM 1712 assist in planning logistical support and sustainability operations, enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of military engagements.

Key Features of DA FORM 1712

Content and Structure

The Water Reconnaissance Report is meticulously designed to capture detailed information about water sources. Key sections include:

  • Location: Geographic coordinates and descriptions of the site.
  • Water source type: Identification of the water source, such as rivers, lakes, or underground aquifers.
  • Quality of water: Assessments of potability and any contaminants present.
  • Accessibility: Information on the ease of access to the water source for both personnel and vehicles.

Accessibility and Distribution

As per its distribution restriction code, DA FORM 1712 is UNCLASSIFIED and approved for public release, ensuring that it can be widely distributed without restrictions. This makes the form accessible to all personnel involved in operations requiring water resource management.

Utilizing DA FORM 1712 in Military Operations

Prescribing Directive

The application of DA FORM 1712 is prescribed by ATP 4-44 (Army Techniques Publication 4-44), which guides the methods and techniques for water support operations in the field. Adherence to these guidelines ensures standardized reporting and maximizes the utility of the data collected.

Significance in Operational Planning

The accurate and thorough completion of the Water Reconnaissance Report is crucial for operational success. It allows commanders and logistics officers to make informed decisions regarding water treatment, storage, and distribution plans, directly impacting the health and effectiveness of troops on the ground.


DA FORM 1712 – Water Reconnaissance Report is a pivotal document in the arsenal of military resources, playing a significant role in the strategic management and utilization of water resources. For military personnel engaged in planning and executing field operations, understanding and correctly applying the information from this form is essential. It not only ensures the operational readiness of the forces but also safeguards their health by providing vital information on water quality and availability.

This form exemplifies the intersection of environmental resources and military logistics, highlighting the importance of sustainable resource management in military contexts. Whether you are a military officer, a logistics planner, or a member of a civil-military operations team, familiarizing yourself with DA FORM 1712 is a step toward enhanced operational effectiveness and sustainability.

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