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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 17-1 Fillable – Army Pubs 17-1 PDFDA FORM 17-1, officially titled Requisition For Publications And Blank Forms (Continuation Sheet), is a critical document within the United States Army’s administrative arsenal. Its primary role is to facilitate the orderly request and distribution of publications and blank forms necessary for various operational, training, and administrative functions. Updated as of June 1, 2021, this form remains an active and essential tool for Army personnel, underscored by its unclassified status and unlimited distribution designation.

DA FORM 17-1 – Requisition For Publications And Blank Forms (Continuation Sheet)

Form Number DA Form 17-1
Form Title Requisition For Publications And Blank Forms (Continuation Sheet)
Form Date 06/1/2021
Form Proponent CIO

The Importance of DA FORM 17-1

This continuation sheet serves as an indispensable extension of the initial requisition form, enabling the detailed listing of additional items required by Army units or offices. It is governed by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and is in strict adherence to the procedures outlined in PAM 25-38, which prescribes the correct handling and requisition process for Army publications and forms.

Key Features of DA FORM 17-1

Accessibility and Distribution

DA FORM 17-1 is marked with a Dist Restriction Code A, indicating that it is approved for public release and its distribution is not restricted. This ensures that the form is readily available to all Army personnel who require it for official purposes.

Security Classification

As an unclassified document, DA FORM 17-1 ensures that no sensitive information is required when filling out the form, making it straightforward and secure for Army personnel to request the publications and forms necessary for their duties.

Supersession and Updates

The current version of DA FORM 17-1 superseded the previous edition dated March 1, 2015. This update underscores the Army’s commitment to maintaining current and efficient administrative processes, ensuring that the form reflects the latest operational needs and procedural guidelines.

How to Use DA FORM 17-1?

Understanding the Form’s Structure

The Requisition For Publications And Blank Forms (Continuation Sheet) is designed to complement the initial requisition form, allowing for a comprehensive and detailed listing of required materials. Its layout is user-friendly, enabling easy entry of pertinent information such as publication numbers, titles, and quantities needed.

Filling Out and Submitting the Form

To correctly utilize DA FORM 17-1, Army personnel must fill out the form with accurate information regarding the additional publications or forms required. Once completed, the form should be submitted following the directives provided in PAM 25-38, ensuring a seamless requisition process.

Conclusion: The Role of DA FORM 17-1 in Army Operations

DA FORM 17-1 plays a pivotal role in the efficient management and distribution of publications and blank forms within the Army. By providing a structured and accessible means of requisition, it supports the Army’s operational, training, and administrative activities. Its updated version, effective from June 1, 2021, along with its designation as an unclassified and publicly releasable document, ensures that Army personnel can easily and securely request the necessary materials to fulfill their duties.

The correct usage of DA FORM 17-1, guided by PAM 25-38, highlights the Army’s dedication to operational efficiency and administrative excellence. For Army personnel and units, familiarizing themselves with the form’s structure and requisition process is essential for the smooth execution of their responsibilities.

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