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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 137-2 Fillable – Army Pubs 137-2 PDF – The DA FORM 137-2, also known as the Installation Clearance Record, is a crucial document within the United States Army infrastructure. Published on February 1, 2015, by the G-1 (Personnel) proponent, this form plays a significant role in managing the clearance processes for personnel leaving an installation. Given its importance, understanding the nuances of DA FORM 137-2 is essential for military personnel and associated administrative staff.

DA FORM 137-2 – Installation Clearance Record

Form Number DA Form 137-2
Form Title Installation Clearance Record
Form Date 02/1/2015
Form Proponent G-1

What is DA FORM 137-2?


DA FORM 137-2 is an active document prescribed by AR 600-8-101, aimed at streamlining the clearance process for individuals transitioning away from an Army installation. This form is unclassified, which means it’s approved for public release and distribution is unlimited. It carries a Pub/Form IDN of 990001 and a Pub/Form PIN of 080976.

Purpose and Use

The primary purpose of the Installation Clearance Record is to ensure that all administrative actions, financial obligations, and other necessary clearances are duly completed before a person departs from an Army installation. It acts as a comprehensive checklist, ensuring that both the individual and the installation can efficiently manage the transition process.

Importance of DA FORM 137-2

Ensuring Accountability

The DA FORM 137-2 is instrumental in maintaining accountability and organization within the military installation. By systematically checking off required actions, it ensures that personnel fulfill their obligations and that equipment, materials, or sensitive information are properly accounted for before departure.

Streamlining Transitions

For personnel, the Installation Clearance Record simplifies the process of moving to a new post, engaging in a deployment, or exiting the military. It serves as a guided pathway through the often complex administrative landscape of military transitions.

Completing DA FORM 137-2

Required Information

Completing the DA FORM 137-2 involves filling out multiple sections that cover a wide range of clearance items. This includes, but is not limited to, administrative clearances, financial clearances, medical and dental reviews, and security clearance verification. Each section must be thoroughly completed to ensure a smooth clearance process.

Privacy Act Statement

Given that DA FORM 137-2 requires personal information, it includes a Privacy Act Statement (as indicated by Footnote 14), ensuring compliance with AR 340-21. This guarantees that all personal data handled through this form are treated with the utmost confidentiality and security.


DA FORM 137-2 – Installation Clearance Record is a critical document for managing the departure of personnel from Army installations. Its comprehensive approach to gathering necessary clearance items ensures that transitions are conducted smoothly, with all obligations met and accountability maintained. Understanding and properly utilizing this form is essential for all involved parties, ensuring a seamless transition process within the Army’s organizational structure.

For military personnel and administrative staff, familiarizing themselves with the details and requirements of the Installation Clearance Record can significantly aid in their professional activities, contributing to a well-organized and efficient administrative process.

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