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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 1307 Fillable – Army Pubs 1307 PDFDA FORM 1307, also known as the Individual Jump Record, is a crucial document used by the United States Army to record and manage parachute jumps. This form is essential for tracking the jump history of military personnel, ensuring compliance with training requirements, and maintaining accurate records for award purposes. Here, we delve into the details of DA FORM 1307, exploring its purpose, usage, and importance in military operations.

DA FORM 1307 – Individual Jump Record

Form Number DA Form 1307
Form Title Individual Jump Record
Form Date 04/1/2018
Form Proponent G-1

Overview of DA FORM 1307

What is DA FORM 1307?

DA FORM 1307 is an official document prescribed by AR 600-8-22, used primarily to record individual parachute jumps. It contains information necessary to document each jump, including the date, type, and conditions of the jump, along with any qualifications or certifications earned by the jumper.

Key Features and Sections of the Form

DA FORM 1307 includes several sections designed to capture detailed information about each jump:

  • Jump Details: This includes the date, location, and type of jump (static line, free fall, etc.).
  • Equipment Used: Details about the parachute system and other gear used during the jump.
  • Jump Conditions: Information on weather conditions, aircraft used, and any anomalies encountered during the operation.
  • Certifications and Endorsements: Records of qualifications or special recognitions obtained through the jump.

Importance of DA FORM 1307

Tracking Professional Development

The Individual Jump Record plays a pivotal role in the professional development of paratroopers. It provides a detailed history of a soldier’s jump activities, which is essential for progression in roles that require airborne training and expertise.

Compliance and Verification

DA FORM 1307 serves as a critical tool for ensuring that all jumps are conducted according to military standards and safety protocols. It helps in verifying the completion of required jumps for qualification and training purposes.

Awards and Recognitions

Accurate record-keeping through DA FORM 1307 is vital for the validation of awards and decorations related to parachuting activities. This form helps in the assessment and acknowledgment of exemplary performance and bravery displayed during parachute operations.

Using DA FORM 1307

When and How to Fill Out DA FORM 1307

Personnel are required to fill out DA FORM 1307 immediately after completing a parachute jump. The form should be completed under the supervision of a certified jumpmaster or a senior officer to ensure accuracy and integrity of the record.

Maintenance and Storage of Records

Maintaining a precise and up-to-date jump record is imperative. These records must be stored securely and be readily accessible for review by commanding officers or for audit purposes. The form’s status as UNCLASSIFIED and approved for public release (Distribution Code A) facilitates easier handling and less stringent storage protocols compared to other military documents.


DA FORM 1307 – Individual Jump Record is an indispensable document in the United States Army’s parachuting community. It not only serves to document and track the jump experiences and qualifications of individual soldiers but also ensures compliance with military standards, aiding in the management of training and operational readiness. For anyone involved in military parachuting activities, understanding and properly utilizing DA FORM 1307 is essential for career development and operational success.

In summary, whether you are a service member preparing for your next jump or a commanding officer overseeing parachute training, the proper use of DA FORM 1307 is crucial for maintaining the high standards and safety of military parachuting operations.

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