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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 1262 Fillable – Army Pubs 1262 PDF – The DA FORM 1262, commonly known as the Command Dive Log, is an essential document used within the United States Army for recording and managing diving operations. This form plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and organization of dive activities. Updated most recently on February 1, 2020, the DA FORM 1262 remains a vital tool for military dive teams, ensuring that all underwater operations are logged accurately and comprehensively.

DA FORM 1262 – Command Dive Log

Form Number DA Form 1262
Form Title Command Dive Log
Form Date 02/1/2020
Form Proponent G-1

Overview of DA FORM 1262

DA FORM 1262 is designed to record various details about military diving operations. It is governed by the G-1 proponent and follows the guidelines prescribed by AR 611-75. The form’s primary purpose is to provide a structured method for documenting the specifics of each dive, including the personnel involved, equipment used, and the nature of the dive.

Key Features and Importance

The Command Dive Log is critical for operational integrity and safety in military diving. It helps in the assessment of both the environmental conditions and the readiness of equipment and personnel. Regular logging on this form ensures that all safety protocols are followed and allows for a detailed review in case of diving accidents or discrepancies.

Details of the Form

Publication and Status

The current DA FORM 1262 was revised from its previous version dated October 1, 2002. As an ACTIVE form, it continues to be the prescribed method for logging dive data in alignment with military standards. The form is unclassified and is approved for public release, meaning it can be distributed without restriction.

Accessibility and Distribution

The Distribution Restriction Code for DA FORM 1262 is marked as ‘A’, indicating it is “Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited”. This wide availability ensures that all relevant military personnel can access and utilize the form as needed without constraints.

Using DA FORM 1262

Who Uses the Command Dive Log?

The primary users of the Command Dive Log are military personnel involved in dive operations, including dive supervisors and safety officers. These individuals rely on the accurate completion of the form to monitor and evaluate diving activities, ensuring compliance with safety standards and operational requirements.

Guidelines for Completion

To properly fill out DA FORM 1262, users must detail each dive’s specific aspects, including the date, location, depth, duration, and purpose of the dive. Additionally, information about the divers, such as their qualifications and physical condition, must be recorded to assess fitness and readiness for the dive.

Importance in Military Operations

The Command Dive Log is not just a bureaucratic requirement but a critical tool in maintaining the safety and efficiency of military dive operations. It provides a historical record of dives that can be instrumental in training, mission planning, and accident investigation. This form ensures that all personnel involved in the dive are accounted for and that the operation adheres to the highest safety standards.


DA FORM 1262 – Command Dive Log is an indispensable document for the U.S. Army’s diving community. It ensures that every aspect of a dive is meticulously recorded and reviewed, upholding the safety and effectiveness of military diving operations. For military personnel involved in diving activities, understanding and properly utilizing this form is crucial for operational success and safety compliance.

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