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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4507-1 Fillable – Army Pubs 4507-1 PDFDA FORM 4507-1, also known as the Maneuver/Procedure Grade Slip, is a critical document used within the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) to record and evaluate the performance of personnel during various maneuvers and procedures. This form, essential for maintaining high training standards, was last updated on April 1, 2022, and remains active.

DA FORM 4507-1 – Maneuver/Procedure Grade Slip

Form Number DA Form 4507-1
Form Title Maneuver/Procedure Grade Slip
Form Date 04/01/2022
Form Proponent TRADOC

Purpose and Importance of DA FORM 4507-1

Why DA FORM 4507-1 is Essential

The DA FORM 4507-1 serves as an official record for documenting the performance and proficiency of individuals undergoing training. It is specifically designed to capture detailed evaluations during training exercises, ensuring that every maneuver and procedure is meticulously assessed. This comprehensive evaluation helps in identifying areas where trainees excel and where improvement is needed, ultimately contributing to the overall effectiveness of the training program.

Key Features of the Form

  • Title: Maneuver/Procedure Grade Slip
  • Publication Date: April 1, 2022
  • Form Proponent: TRADOC
  • Status: Active
  • Prescribing Directive: TC 3-04.11
  • Security Classification: Unclassified
  • Distribution: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

Detailed Overview of DA FORM 4507-1

Historical Context and Updates

The current version of DA FORM 4507-1 replaces the previous edition dated July 1, 2018. The updates ensure that the form aligns with the latest training standards and procedures prescribed by TRADOC. Keeping the form updated is crucial for maintaining the relevance and accuracy of training assessments.

Structure and Components

The DA FORM 4507-1 is meticulously structured to capture a wide range of performance metrics. Each section of the form is designed to evaluate specific aspects of a maneuver or procedure, providing a holistic view of the trainee’s capabilities.

Sections of the Form

  1. Identification Information: Includes the trainee’s name, rank, and unit.
  2. Maneuver/Procedure Details: Specifics of the maneuver or procedure being evaluated.
  3. Performance Evaluation: Detailed scoring based on various criteria relevant to the maneuver or procedure.
  4. Evaluator’s Comments: Additional observations and feedback from the evaluator.
  5. Final Grade: Overall performance grade based on the cumulative scores from the evaluation criteria.

Using DA FORM 4507-1 in Training

Instructors and evaluators use the DA FORM 4507-1 during training sessions to ensure that all performance aspects are documented and reviewed. This form helps in:

  • Tracking Progress: Monitoring the development of trainees over time.
  • Identifying Weaknesses: Highlighting areas that require additional focus and improvement.
  • Providing Feedback: Offering constructive feedback to trainees to enhance their skills.

Implementation and Compliance

Guidelines for Proper Use

To ensure the effective use of DA FORM 4507-1, it is essential to adhere to the guidelines outlined in TC 3-04.11. These guidelines provide detailed instructions on how to fill out the form accurately and consistently.

Ensuring Accuracy and Integrity

Maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the information recorded on DA FORM 4507-1 is vital. Evaluators must be thorough and objective in their assessments, providing clear and concise feedback to support the development of the trainees.

Security and Distribution

The DA FORM 4507-1 is classified as unclassified, making it accessible for public release with no distribution restrictions. This openness ensures that the form can be widely distributed and utilized across various training programs.


The DA FORM 4507-1 – Maneuver/Procedure Grade Slip is an indispensable tool in the U.S. Army’s training framework. By providing a detailed and structured approach to evaluating maneuvers and procedures, it helps maintain high training standards and enhances the overall effectiveness of military training programs. Adhering to the prescribed guidelines and utilizing the form effectively ensures that trainees receive comprehensive feedback and support, paving the way for their professional growth and readiness.

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