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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4504 Fillable – Army Pubs 4504 PDF – DA FORM 4504, officially titled Record Of Fire, is an essential document used by the United States Army. This form, designated with the publication number DA FORM 4504, is a crucial tool for tracking and recording the firing activities conducted during training and operational exercises.

DA FORM 4504 – Record Of Fire

Form Number DA Form 4504
Form Title Record Of Fire
Form Date 01/01/2016
Form Proponent TRADOC

Overview of DA FORM 4504

Publication Details

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 4504
  • Pub/Form Date: January 1, 2016
  • Pub/Form TitleRecord Of Fire
  • Pub/Form ProponentTRADOC (United States Army Training and Doctrine Command)
  • Pub/Form StatusActive

Purpose and Usage

DA FORM 4504 is designed to record detailed information about fire missions and exercises conducted by Army personnel. This includes data on the type and number of rounds fired, the firing unit, and the results of the fire missions. The form ensures that all firing activities are accurately documented, which is vital for training assessment, operational analysis, and ensuring safety protocols.

Prescribing Directive

This form is prescribed by TC 3-09.81, which provides comprehensive guidelines on the use and management of DA FORM 4504. It is a critical component for maintaining records in a structured and standardized manner.

Key Features of DA FORM 4504

Electronic Media Availability

DA FORM 4504 is only produced in electronic media, making it easily accessible and convenient for users to fill out and submit. This also aligns with the Army’s efforts to digitize and streamline documentation processes.

Security and Distribution

The form is classified as Unclassified, with a distribution restriction code of A, meaning it is approved for public release and its distribution is unlimited. This ensures that all relevant personnel can access and utilize the form without any security constraints.


  • Pub/Form IDN: 990001
  • Pub/Form PIN: 030599

These identifiers help in the accurate cataloging and retrieval of the form within the Army’s documentation systems.

Importance of Accurate Record-Keeping

Training and Evaluation

Accurate completion of DA FORM 4504 is vital for evaluating the effectiveness of training exercises. By documenting every detail of the fire missions, commanders and training officers can assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that all safety protocols were followed.

Operational Efficiency

In operational scenarios, maintaining a record of fire is crucial for logistical planning and resource management. It helps in tracking ammunition usage, planning resupply operations, and ensuring that units are adequately prepared for subsequent missions.

Safety and Accountability

Safety is paramount in any military operation. By recording all firing activities, DA FORM 4504 ensures that any incidents or discrepancies can be investigated thoroughly. It holds individuals and units accountable, promoting a culture of responsibility and vigilance.

Completing DA FORM 4504

Sections of the Form

DA FORM 4504 is structured to capture comprehensive data across several sections:

  1. Firing Unit Information: Details of the unit conducting the fire mission.
  2. Date and Time: Specifics of when the firing occurred.
  3. Type of Fire Mission: Nature of the fire mission conducted.
  4. Ammunition Details: Type and quantity of rounds fired.
  5. Results and Observations: Outcomes and any notable observations during the fire mission.
  6. Authorization and Approval: Signatures from authorized personnel confirming the accuracy of the recorded information.

Submission Process

Once completed, DA FORM 4504 should be reviewed and signed by the relevant authorities before being submitted as per the directives outlined in TC 3-09.81. Keeping the records updated and accurately maintained is critical for ongoing training and operational effectiveness.


DA FORM 4504 – Record Of Fire is an indispensable document in the United States Army’s arsenal of forms. Its precise and detailed nature ensures that all fire missions are meticulously recorded, supporting training, operational planning, and safety protocols. By understanding and correctly utilizing DA FORM 4504, Army personnel can enhance their operational readiness and maintain high standards of accountability and efficiency.

Incorporating this form into regular practice not only fulfills administrative requirements but also contributes to the overall effectiveness and preparedness of the Army. For more detailed guidance on completing DA FORM 4504, refer to the prescribing directive TC 3-09.81 and ensure compliance with all specified procedures.

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