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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2408-15 Fillable – Army Pubs 2408-15 PDF – DA FORM 2408-15 is a critical document used by the United States Army to maintain a comprehensive historical record for aircraft. This form is vital for the ongoing management and oversight of an aircraft’s service life and operational status. Below, we delve into the details and significance of DA FORM 2408-15, exploring how it supports aircraft management and safety in military operations.

DA FORM 2408-15 – Historical Record For Aircraft

Form Number DA Form 2408-15
Form Title Historical Record For Aircraft
Form Date 10/01/1991
Form Proponent G-4

What is DA FORM 2408-15?

DA FORM 2408-15, officially titled Historical Record for Aircraft, is a standard form utilized by the U.S. Army to document essential historical data concerning the maintenance, upgrades, and operations of aircraft. This form is part of a larger set of logs and records designed to ensure that all military aircraft are operated safely and are maintained in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Key Features of DA FORM 2408-15

The form is characterized by several key features:

  • Date of Publication: Originally issued on October 1, 1991.
  • Pub/Form Proponent: G-4.
  • Status: The form is actively in use and remains crucial for operational integrity.
  • Distribution: It is unclassified and approved for public release, allowing for widespread distribution without restriction.

Prescribing Directive

DA FORM 2408-15 is prescribed by PAM 738-751, which outlines the procedures and responsibilities for maintaining records of Army aircraft. This directive ensures that all entries in the form are standardized and adhere to strict military protocols for record-keeping.

Importance of DA FORM 2408-15 in Military Operations

Record-Keeping and Accountability

The primary importance of DA FORM 2408-15 is its role in meticulous record-keeping. For every aircraft in the Army’s fleet, this form provides a detailed and updatable historical record, which is essential for:

  • Tracking maintenance history.
  • Documenting modifications and upgrades.
  • Noting operational incidents and resolutions.
  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Enhanced Safety and Operational Readiness

By maintaining an accurate historical record, the Army ensures that each aircraft is fit for operations and any potential issues are addressed proactively. This form helps in identifying patterns or recurring issues that could impact safety and operational readiness.

Utilizing DA FORM 2408-15


Given its unclassified status and approval for public release, DA FORM 2408-15 is readily accessible for use within the Army and can be distributed without restriction. This ease of access supports transparency and efficiency in managing the aircraft fleet.

Electronic Availability

Reflecting modern needs, DA FORM 2408-15 is also available in electronic media, facilitating easier updates and better accessibility. This electronic format ensures that the data is not only more secure but also readily available for analysis and review.


DA FORM 2408-15 plays a pivotal role in the management of the Army’s aircraft assets. By providing a structured and detailed historical record, this form helps military personnel maintain high standards of accountability, safety, and operational efficiency. Whether used in a paper-based format or accessed electronically, DA FORM 2408-15 is indispensable for the proper documentation and management of military aircraft.

For anyone involved in the operation or maintenance of Army aircraft, understanding and properly utilizing DA FORM 2408-15 is essential for ensuring that these critical assets remain ready and reliable for every mission.

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