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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 1999 Fillable – Army Pubs 1999 PDF – DA FORM 1999, titled Restricted Area Visitor Register, is a crucial document utilized by the U.S. Army to register visitors accessing restricted areas. This form plays a vital role in maintaining security and confidentiality within military operations. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance, usage, and guidelines surrounding DA FORM 1999 to aid professionals in understanding and implementing this form effectively.

DA FORM 1999 – Restricted Area Visitor Register

Form Number DA Form 1999
Form Title Restricted Area Visitor Register
Form Date 01/1/2019
Form Proponent CSLA

What is DA FORM 1999?

DA FORM 1999 is an active form prescribed by the Consolidated Supply List of Army (CSLA), designed to keep a record of individuals who visit secured military zones. The form was last updated on January 1, 2019, replacing the previous version dated March 1, 2006. It’s essential for managing access to sensitive areas, ensuring that all visitors are logged and monitored.

Key Features of DA FORM 1999

DA FORM 1999 is classified as unclassified but carries a Distribution Restriction Code of A, which means it is approved for public release and the distribution is unlimited. The form is uniquely identified by Pub/Form IDN 990001 and Pub/Form PIN 001634. Notably, this form is only produced in electronic media, reflecting modern documentation practices.

Importance of DA FORM 1999 in Military Operations

The primary importance of DA FORM 1999 lies in its role in enhancing the security protocols within restricted military areas. By meticulously registering each visitor, the form helps in:

  • Tracking and managing visitor access: Ensuring that all visitors are accounted for during their stay in restricted areas.
  • Enhancing security measures: By documenting visitors, the form aids in security planning and potential threat assessment.
  • Compliance with privacy regulations: The form adheres to the Privacy Act Statement (AR 340-21), ensuring that all personal data collected is handled confidentially.

Usage Guidelines

When filling out DA FORM 1999, it’s essential to adhere to the guidelines prescribed under TB 380-41. Users must ensure that all entries are accurate and fully completed to maintain the integrity of the security processes. Due to its sensitive nature, handling of the form must be conducted by authorized personnel only.

How to Access and Use DA FORM 1999

Step-by-Step Access Instructions

To access DA FORM 1999, individuals must:

  1. Visit the official U.S. Army electronic forms website or the department’s internal document distribution system.
  2. Search for Pub/Form Number DA FORM 1999 or use the PIN for quick access.
  3. Download the form for electronic use, as it is only available in digital format.

Completing the Form

While completing DA FORM 1999, ensure to:

  • Enter all required information of the visitor, including name, date of visit, purpose of visit, and contact details.
  • Verify the accuracy of the data with the visitor to comply with the Privacy Act requirements.
  • Submit the form to the designated military personnel for review and record-keeping.


DA FORM 1999 – Restricted Area Visitor Register is an indispensable tool for the U.S. Army in managing and recording the entry of visitors into restricted zones. Its proper implementation ensures not only the security of sensitive areas but also the compliance with critical privacy and regulatory standards. Understanding and utilizing this form effectively is essential for all professionals involved in military operations and security management.

By following the prescribed guidelines and ensuring diligent completion and submission of DA FORM 1999, military and security personnel can maintain a robust defense against potential security breaches, safeguarding both personnel and sensitive information.

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